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Manufacturer of Metal & Plastic Enclosures in China

We are a manufacturer of metal enclosures and plastic enclosures in China. We offer low cost enclosures (sheet metal enclosures, deep drawing metal enclosures, extruded aluminum enclosures, die cast enclosures, plastic enclosures) directiy to international buyers.
We welcome custom manufacturing inquiries for enclosures and offer the following benefits:
Clear Communication: We have many staff who speak fluent English.
Familiar with international engineering standards such as ASTM, SAE, AISI, BS, NEMA, IP...
Low Cost: Our price is usually 20-40% lower than manufacturing prices in Western countries.


Quality Tips For Customers

1. Let us know the critical dimensions/specs so that we can prioritize accordingly
2. Let us know usage of the product/ parts if it is not business secret. This might affect manufacturing processes and quality checking measures.
3. If applicable, please let us know how you check for quality.
4. Carefully check for sample qualities before having us do mass production.
5. Use formal Engineering Change Management procedures

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